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Dapper Cadaver specializes in death related, medical, laboratory, horror, gore, oddities, Halloween, and funeral props.

Our collection includes prop corpses, headstones, body parts, scientific equipment, mortuary furnishings, caskets, gothic decor and clothing, specimen jars, skulls, skeletons, bones, hospital props, morgue props, a working vintage hearse, and much more.

We also do custom fabrication, including any kind of cadaver, wound or gore you could possibly need, as well as custom engraved headstones, retractable syringes, and a stage blood that actually turns brown as it dries, just like real blood. Our artists are experts in the field of human decomposition, funeral, and medical practices, and can offer expert advice on setting the most realistic possible scene.

We have worked for such productions and franchises as Saw, The Devils Rejects, The History Channel, Pirates of the Caribbean, Nip/Tuck, Law and Order, the Living Dead series, and the Sci Fi Channel.

Bulk discounts are available for all items. we also rent to private parties. We accept credit card payments and ship all over the world.

We look forward to working with you,

BJ Winslow, Owner and Lead Artist

Dapper Cadaver Prop House
7572 San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles, CA, 91352
Mon- Fri 10-6
p: 818-771-0818
BJ Winslow Resume

Partial Prop Inventory:

-Hundreds Body Parts
-Over 300 Headstones
-800lbs of Skulls and Bones
-Retractable Syringes
-Fetus Replicas
-Blood and Gore
-Black Cadillac Hearse
-Hundreds of Specimen Jars
-Laboratory Props
-Medical Props
-Funeral Props
-Forensics Props
-Halloween Props and Decorations
Plastic fabrication, Molding and casting, Clay sculpting, Foam sculpting, Latex casting, Plaster molding, Urethane casting, Airbrush, Painting, Faux finish and texturing, Hot wire sculpting, Silk screening, Photoshop, Electronics, LEDS, Lathe, Vacuum Molding, Layout, Photography, Formica, Carpentry

Professional Experience
2005-Present Dapper Cadaver Props, Hollywood, Ca
Owner and Lead Prop Artist.

2004 - 2005 Post Mortem Studio Rentals Los Angeles, Ca Lead Prop Artist, Studio Manager.
Creating custom props and special effects
Molding and casting props
Painting realistic faux finishes on hard and soft props
Sculpting in clay and foam
Locating and purchasing props and supplies
On set death industry, medical, and art department
Set design and decoration

1999 - 2004 Santa Cruz Seaside Company Santa Cruz, Ca Games Department Technician
Designing, constructing, and repairing carnival game attractions.
Margaret Miles, Art Director (310) 463-8146
Bruce Schiller, Post Mortem Studios Owner and Manager, (310) 575-5666

Dapper Cadaver Prop House
7572 San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles, CA, 91352
10-6 Mon-Fri
Saturdays by appointment
p: 818-771-08184

Partial List of Credits:

Production Company items
300 Warner Brothers Infant skulls and bones
"1882" USC Bones
"1,000 ways to die" pic rib cage
"2007 Spooktacular" Mark Sacks signs, casket, bat
"2008 Magic Awards Show" The Magic Castle toe pincher
"3 for anne" Resolve productions casket,stand
"666: The Beast" The Asylum Baby
"8 ball" JEM Films corpse, stand
"832 cleon st." desantis productions jars
"A boy named Sue" student
"A Cat's Life" Miv Evans cat parts
"A Family Film" Blood, parts
"A Four Cent Carol" Crystal Dragon Scythe
"A Gothic Tale" A Gothic Tale LLC teeth, candles, medical
"A Part from Us" Aerisya Productions iv pole&bag, leech
"Adam & Eve" Student headstone
"Albino Farm" Equimedia Group LLC bones, skulls
"Alice Cooper: Along Came a Spider" Alice Cooper Bonesaw, Syringes
"All the Love is Gone" Noisivision Studios casket, fogger
"Alt.End" -The Cure- body parts
"AM I Evil" Mad Monk Films tombstones
"America's Next Top Model" Fox Straight Jackets
"Angels II" 51 minds IV stand
"Annabel Lee" POFVision Bones
"Annabel Lee" Ml pictures skull,body parts,casket, blood
"Anthem USC" skull
"Anti-smoker" Furdined cadaver
"Assisted Living" Lafsc blood,dog
"Babysitter Wanted" Big Screen Entertainment parts, organs, skulls
"Bad Relations" SAV Films blood, testicle, medical
"Barnstable" The Boy In the Box headstone
"Barry and Larry" coin opflix body parts
"Batboy: The Musical" chatt. State tech. comm. College theatre dept. animal props, xray
"Beauty and the Geek 4" shafu Inc body parts
"Beauty and the Geek 4" Shafu Inc parts, organs, skeleton
"Becoming" Welcome Home Pictures Parts, head
"Beige Lion" Dakota North limbs, body parts, corpses, skull
"Beige Lion" Dakota North parts, corpse, bones
"Beyond the Mat" Punching Bees Productions Casket, headstone
"Biggest Loser" bly productions skel,jars,saws,syrings,pump
"Bill Nye: Back to School" fox news skeleton
"Bill Nye: Stuff Happens" Discovery Studios skull
"Billboard Ad" Adams Outdoor Co. bodies and parts
"Billboard dummies" Adams Outdoor Co. head
"Bitten Gurney Productions" body parts
"Bitter Wind" body parts, blood, portrait
"Bizzy Bone: Song for You" Bone Thugs N Harmony headstones
"Black Coffee" USC parts
"Bliss" funeral headstones,head, skulls, corpses, skeletons
"Bliss" funeral headstones,head, skulls, corpses, skeletons
"Bollywood Movie" corpses
"Bones" Fox medical, organs
"Bones" 20th Century Fox-tv retractor, skull,syringes,bonesaw,brains,clamps
"Bones" FBC skeleton, medical
"Bones" Fox specimen, head
"Bones-dungen room" Fox limbs, head, parts, corpses
"Bones Photoshoot" jars,head
"Bookends" Erika Slozak headstones
"Breaking Bad" Topanga Productions lab kit
"Breaking Bad season 2" Topanga Prod./ Sony arm, stumps,vat o' fat
"Bride of the She-Wolf" Student film
"Bruce Springsteen" Live Nation toe pincher
"Bumper" Richard Miranda body
"Butterflies of Uganda" Greenway Arts Alliance head
"Camoflage" Camoflage films IV stand & bag
"Campfire Tales" Transcending Films headstones
"Cane" CBS corpses
"Canoga Park" Playboy corpse
"Captain Morgan - Playboy Commercial" Smuggler casket, headstones,cage
"Caveman Baseball" parts, blood, caveman
"Charlie 3-Flavor of Love" 51 minds casket
"Chasing the Devil" Grk Pics Ltd corpses
"Chesire Smiles" Looking Glass Pictures medical
"Child of the Newage" skull, bones, parts
"Christmas Carol" actors gang headstone
"Cinspaces" headstones,candelabra, skulls, bones,casket
"Citizenship Ed" No Skills Production heart
"Click" Sony Pictures Headstones
"Cold Case" CBS Bodies and parts
"Cold Case" Warner Bros tv skulls
"Comedy Bunbo" Akward Pictures cadaver
"Contagion" Dance Monkey Ent blood, head
"Corporate Headquarters" Paramount Pictures restraint kit, torsos
"Corporate Motivation" Michael Johnson heart
"Corridor of Oddities" Student, Art Center College of Design jar, baby
"Court TV' superfine Films leg bones
"Court TV" Superfine Films parts
"Covenant of Decade" Peach Entertainment casket, coffin, headstone
"Crank" Lions Gate body parts
"Crime and Punishment" the nassal company body parts
"Crumbs" ABC headstones
"CSI" CBS Caskets, medical instruments, body parts
"CSI Glendale Halloween" jars,body parts
"CSI Summer Camp" corpses, mummies, legs, hands, ears, head, skulls, bones, blood
"csun portfolio" casket,stones
"Custom Headstones" Guidance Software headstone
"Day After" Avant Garde casket, head, mummy, skeleton, corpse
"Dead in the Head" Amazon Productions stones, corpses, limbs
"Deadheads Tower" Fro Bro Films headstones
"Death Machines" World of Wonder corpses, skulls,skeleton, limbs, elec.chair
"Death Series" IMF electric chair
"Detective Force" Andy Hungerford headstones
"Devil's Rejects" Lions Gate Body, promotional materials
"Dexter" inspired design associates autopsy instruments, saws,blood
"Dexter" Blind Decker corpse, parts
"Die-Ner" Die-Ner Productions corpse "Diet Pepsi" -Comfort Touring- pillars, shadowbox
"Dirty Sexy Money" ABC dummy
"DMC4-Devil May Cry 4 Commercial" Signature
Entertainment/Petrol Ad flying
"Doctor w/Brain" brain jar,lab coat, reflector
"Domor" hearts
"Doran/Quellet Wedding" Jennifer Doran Skeletons
"Dr Kenneth Anger" -Dr. Kenneth Anger- occult
"Dracula's Guest" Feifer Worldwide casket, headstones
"Dylan Mysticus: Brain Fuck!" jars,goat, skull
"East Pack" Atomik Pictures coffin lid, brains
"Ed & Red's Night" Kerzner Media Arts & Entertainment 1 day shoot
"Edgar Allen Poe's Ligeia" Poe Vision LLc syringes
"EDL24" DS Simon child skeleton
"Electroshock" Joshua hoffine photography blood, eye exam
"Eleventh Hour" Warner Bros tv fetus's
"Elvira" Natural A Entertainment coffin
"ESPN: Twice a Hero" ESPN / Redline Films leg
"Everything and nothing" UCLA casket
"Excuse me, those are my brains in your mouth" head,heart,limbs
"Extended Arm" Flare Productions arm
"Fast" Pill Box Films organs, bodies
"Fast Glass" Afterburner Films headstone
"Fear Ever After" Gary Carbo parts and organs
"Fear Fest 06'" Cabin Hill com limbs
"Feed the Beast" Top Realm Pictures stump
"First Strike" Jason Frisch retract syringe
"First Strike" syringe,cylinder,stand,mask
"First Time Customer" AFI bones, specimen
"Fog Wars" Derek Arroyo- Fog Chiller
"Frankenstien" TDO-Cap1 Specimen jars
"French-Canadian Werewolf" Filmpotato morgue man
"Frit Filt 2" Fantefilm Fiksson syringe, body parts
"from the Shadows" Red Moonlight specimens
"Full Moon" Imagination 9 corpse, medical
"G4TV" Play skeleton, bones
"Gathering of Ghouls" American Cinematheque coffin, bones, skeleton, mummy, bones, parts, specimens
"Glitterati" skull
"Good Faith" -Law and Order- corpse
"GQ" arm
"Gravity" Balancing Act Pictures headstones
"Green Apple" Anisa Productions Straight jackets
"Green Valley" Sloopy Joe Productions specimens, blood
"Guster Music Video" Partizan skeletons
"Halloweeeeeeen!" -Kelvin Reese- strait jacket
"Halloween" Birds Bar equiptment
"Halloween" Leeza Gibbons headstone, props, blood
"Halloween" Universal Studios scientific, specimens, parts
"Halloween" Carlos skeleton, skull, walls
"Halloween" Rage skeletons, gibbets
"Halloween" Ben Purcell strait jacket
"Halloween" Ecko unlmt headstones, graveyard
"Halloween Horror Nights" Universal Studios bones, skeleton, skull
"Halloween Horror Nights 07" Universal Studios headstones
"Halloween House" Avalon Event Productions- headstones
"Halloween in Manhattan" -Solrac Productions- occult, side show, skulls, bones,limbs, cemetery, candelabra
"Halloween Party" Island Doctors body parts
"Halloween Party" Island Doctors body parts,blood
"Halloween Party" Matrix casket, skeleton
"Halloween Party" House of Blues coffin, roaches, stones
"Halloween Party" Ellis head, parts
"Halloween Party" Wendy Baugh headstones
"Halloween Party" John Becker headstones
"Halloween Party" Island Doctors organs
"Hallowen Party" Viper Room corpses, parts, organs , headstones, bones, props, organs
"Hallowen Party" Brandi Rodriguez Haunt Combo, Chair, dog
"Halloweeeeen!" Straight jacket
"Haloween House" Avalon Event Production headstones
"Harley Davidson" MJZ bones,skulls
"Haunted House" Gersh Agency haunt combo, DVD, blood
"Haunted House 07'" Private headstones,table top
"Head Case" Uncle Film & TV parts
"Headcheese" -Log Productions- pig puppet, mold
"Hex Hollywood" Kevin Egeland casket
"Hideous" UCLA corpse, specimens, organ
"High Fashion Editurial" skel
"Horizan, Programme 12" BBC Blood, body parts
"Horizan, Programme 12" bbc corpse, bones,blood, leg
"House of Fallen" Eleven 22 entertainment mummy
"Housesitter" NYFA blood, pitbull
"I Hate my Roomates" Karen Stein parts, bones
"I love you" dummy
"Idlewild" Universal Headstones
"Immaculate" Christopher Carbone corpse
" "Indifferent times" headstone,plaque,infant Skeleton Medical Headless
"Long Wharf Theatre" skel
"Intro One" Gutteral Retch Studios fetus, blood
"Iron Man" Paramount Pictures hands
"I-Search-Effects of Fast Food" heart, jar
"It Came From Beyond" Rubicon Theater Scenic art, Carpentry, Lab Equipment
"It's my party" Green Bottle Pictures set up, shoot
"Jackson Ward" Jackson Ward Pictures dog
"Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency" Little Pond Television syringes
"JID" Hector Barron
"John Doe #101" USC fetus, blood
"Johnny Shotgun Symbolic" skulls, bones
"Jokepimps" Laceyface Productions blood, head, parts
"Junkyard Dog" Bass Junkyard Dog, LLC skull, mummy, body parts
"Kane & Lynch" Queensbury Group custom hand
"Killer Callie" Red White and Boots limbs
"Kiss the Alyss" syringes
"Kiss your Ass Goodbye" AIA Production medical
"Knights Templar" National Geographic Television occult objects
"Kolimera" Vago Productions body parts, bonesaw
"Korn: Falling Away From You" Korn Mortuary props and specimens
"KUMC" Dark Light Pictures body parts, medical props
"KUMC" Dark Light Pictures Medical, lab
"la fuente haunted house" skull & crossbones
"Lady Cadaverly" Occidental College bones, prop
"Lair Of The Minutaur Video" Gary Smithson Productions body parts
"Las Explosion" Aaron Palmer Photography 20 pc assortment
"last comic standing" NBC Universal headstone, assortment
"Lavendar Williams" USC props, medical, cemetery, mausoleum
"Law & Order" Law&Order skin&bones corpse
"Law & Order Ep."Good Faith" Law and Order corpse
"Law & Order ep."Submission" Law&Order pitbull
"Law & Order: ep. "Sin"" Law and Order mummies, skulls
"Law and Order" NBC Bodies, body parts
"Law and Order" fingers
"Law and Order" NBC mummy "Law and Order" -NBC- Bodies, body parts
"Law and Order" -NBC- mummy
"Law and Order Criminal" -Law and Order EP21- corpse
"Law and Order Criminal Intent Law and Order EP21 corpse
"Law and Order: Conviction" NBC Bodies, body parts
"Law and Order: SVU" NBC Bodies, body parts
"Le Duex- Halloween Party" "Les Duex aka Dolce Group" headstone,pincher,caskets
"Leeza Gibson Party" skulls, corpses, fog machine, jars, headstones, blood, bat
"Legend of Mtn Witch" Alex Ryan Prod leg
"Leonardo" Darien Players corpse
"Les Duex Halloween" The Dolce Group funeral, head, caskets
"Lianyte Booth" Allial Adv. Pub lab equiptment
"lionsgate" Allial Adv. Pub medical props
"Live Fast" Raddrew Production casket
"Lizzie Borden" Kryptic Kreations tombstone
"LonelyGirl15" Equal syringe, medical props
"Low Grounds" Inside Films body parts
"LUCA" Art Institute Of California fetus
"Machines of Malice" Discovery Channel, dummies and body parts
"Mad TV Fox" Casket, Headstones, Fetus, Body Parts
"Made in Brooklyn" Trancos parts, blood
"Master Project Elena Zykova" skull
"Mating Dance of the Werewolf" Rubicon Theater Scenic art, Carpentry, Bodies
"Mattel" Stress Box Productions dummy
"Mayans National Geographic skull
"Mayflower May" USC parts, gore, blood
"Me and Lee" -Lee Productions- spine
"Medium CBS" Bodies, blood, and funeral props
"Medusa Head" Medusa head
"Mexican Poppy" Trent Toltzman Dissection Kit
"Midnight Meat Train" MMT Production lab, head
"Mind Fuck Art Center brain
"Mind of Mencia" Central Productions body part
"Mind of Mencia" Central Productions limbs, head
"Mind of Mencia" Central Productions mummy head
"Mind of Mencia" Comedy Central Prod parts, head
"Miss Grace" Laure Baer
"Mock Funeral" toe pincher, skulls
"MonsterVIP" Monster Plur Productions occult props, corpses
"Morbid: a love story" bodybag
"Mr. Sadman" Empire & Sleep ear
"Mummies" GSF Mummies LLC corpse, organ
"Nat. Museum of Crime and Punishment" NMCP Washington DC lab equiptment, body parts, forensic supplies
"National Treasure 2" Sony Pictures Skeletons
"National Treasures II" NTZ Productions mummy, skeleton
"National Treasures II" -Disney/NTZ Productions- mummy, skeleton
"NCIS" CBS Paramount toothset
"NeedThatJob.com" Exclusive Powder Coatings leg, arm
"Nevada's Ghost Towns" Backlot Studios body
"New Amsterdam" -Jill Alexander- leg
"Night of the Living Dead 3d" Midnight Movies Zombie actor, body parts, hearse, funeral props
"Night Walks" Yuvel Kerstein parts
"Night Writer" Central Productions organs
"Nightmare on Elm St- Real Nightmare" CBS Blood, body parts
"Ninos De La Tierra" skel, toddler
"Nip/Tuck" Lucid Shoot arms
"Nip/Tuck" Stu Segal Productions Medical equipment, blood fx, body parts, cadavers, skeletons.
"No Country for Old Men" Coen Bros Blood, crime tape
"Nowhere Men" Digisynd/Ghostlight Medical props
"Obscure Artifacts" Obscure Artifacts corpse
"Oceanside Harbor Fest" No Quarter Given stocks
"Oh Dad, Poor Dad" i Theatre Collabrative cat skeleton
"One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" straight jacket
"one life to live" abc television heads, wigs
"Our Living Blue Planet" wmom cadaver
"Out of jimmy's head" Gollyworld jars,sets
"Out, Out Brief Candle" Phantom Projects casket, truck
"Over the Hill Party" casket
"Paris's Halloween Party" Grand Affair bodies, bones, decor
"Paris's Halloween Party" Grand Affair light fluid,alien,skel,bones,schield,animals,pincher,body parts
"Party" Cinespace casket, skull, bones, skeleton, corpse
"Party" Will McCullough Haunt, corpses, chair
"Party" headstones,mummy,skel,jar,caskets,bones
"pasions" nbc bones,mummy,meatbones
"Passion/NBC" NBC/Direct tv hands
"Passions" NBC Body Parts
"Penny Dreadful" AFI corpse, head
"Photo Shoot" -Brian Henderson- skull, bones
"Photo Shoot" -Wiley Design- coffin, coffin stand
"Pinewoods Massacre" Glenn Gibson Pictures parts, organs
"Pirate Night" Ye Olde Falcon Rib cage, corpses, costume
"Pirates of theCarribean II" Disney skulls, bones, skeletons
"Platinum Dunes Project" Rider Productions props
"Portfolio" CSUN casket, headstones
"Pranksters" Havoc Entertainment headstone
"Production!" Bais Chuna Fogger, candle
"Project Angel Food" Project Angel Food Candelabra,Angel,urn,Skull, bones, head
"PSS Medical Show" Sklar Instruments Medical Instraments
"pure love" pure love llc morgue man
"Pushing Daisies" Pushing Daisies corpse, parts
"Pushing Daisies" pushin daisies entertainment presents head,limb assort, headless woman, stump, wig
"Pygmalian" Tamas Levine torso
"Quarantined" Stage 6 Films INC Skulls,body parts, Jars
"Quiet Country" Green Thumb pics wigs, mask
"Radar Mag Ed Shoot" Radar Online casket
"Rage" Rage skels
"Reaction" Warner Brothers headstones
"Reanimated" Gollyworld lab, specimens
"Record #7" Loyola Marymount Body Parts
"Remake for "pi" UCLA brain, blood
"Remarkable Power" Remarkable Power headstones
"Remodeled" Troucer Film heart, blood
"Reptilian" Sci FI Channel Scenic Art
"Rilo Kiley" Giant Artists casket, specimen
"Roosevelt Hotel - Halloween Party" Pipe Dream corpses
"RX 336" Pablo Leda lab
"SAG" Sag bathead
"Salivate" Wurst Production Child Corpse and parts
"Sam Has 7 Friends" Big-Fantastic syringe
"Sam's Rain" Tip Top Productions leg
"Sarah Connor Chronicles" Warner Bros tv skulls
"Sasquatch Film" n/a blood, arm, finger
"Saw III" Lions Gate body parts, medical instruments, teeth
"Saw IV" Lions Gate instruments
"Scanner Kit" Erwin- Penland hand
"School Project" headstone, casket
"Seven Deadly Sins" Flight 33 productions Mortuary props and specimens
"Severed Toes" USC head, ear
"Shelter" Nervousa Films LLC syringe, parts, fetus, weapons
"Shoot" Hemostasis leg
"Side Effect" AFI equiptment
"Sigraph Fashion Show" ACM dress form
"Silent Hill" Petrol corpse
"Six" Loyda Marymount University cadaver
"Skid Row Best In Show" Acute tv body parts
"Skinned Rabbit" Peta rabbit
"Sky Bar Haunted Hotel" Sky Bar decor, specimens, parts
"Solstice III" Pacific Films feet
"Some of this Really Happened" Hydra Films Inc hands
"Sony Our Dying Breath" L'Orange Syringe
"Speed Freaks" Cinema Threat Pro body parts
"Spoon River" straight jacket
"My Chemical Romance" coffin, corpses
"Stockholm Syndrome" 3Kat Films bag, cuffs
"Su Doku Warehouse" Ordinary World Pictures heads, corpses, parts
"Sunday School" Justin Potts Photography skull, bones, lab
"Tales from the Dead" Rum Runner Films headstones, props
"Tele 2" Silhouette Films body
"Tell Tale Heart" poe boy productiona giant skel
"Ten Signs that your Roommate is a Serial Killer" bag, head, parts, bones
"Terll" Dwindle Dist Elec. Chair
"Text" Text Feature film LLC
"The Alternitives" 180 Degrees Inc in store
"The American Dream" Inferno Productions parts
"The American Nightmare" Wandering Star Films weapons
"The Appointment" Mind Made Media specimens, funeral
"The Beachcomber" -Synchpicture Films- hand
"The bleeding" indifferent entertainment body parts, organs, bones
"The Butcher" Garcia Films parts, head
"The Carrion Eater" Jason Sharp teeth, deathmask
"The Chauffeur" Jiang Hu Productions corpse, head, parts, weapons
"The Cleaner" Millenium Films Blood FX
"The Cleaners" UCLA corpse
"The Cost" Pulsar Productions Dissection Kit
"The Cure: Alt.End" The Cure body parts
"The Dark" Hell Here Productions rib cages
"The Dark Grim" Sunless Dark neck stump
"The Darkness" Red scream films LLC corpses, bones, body parts
"The deadbeat" instruments, embalming fluid
"The Deray Way" Central Productions casket, funeral
"The Disposal" Skeleton Crew Films head
"The Finger" Sacklunch body parts
"The Five Senses" Gentry Smith organs, parts
"The Forbidden Kingdom" Prop Heaven body parts, head
"The Funeral Director" Blue Cactus Pictures tools,caskets, corpse
"The Heist" headstones
"The Heist" headstones
"The Hood has Eyez" Cinema Threat Pro parts, blood, fetus
"The Howlers Come" Interiority Entertainment limbs
"The Hurt Locker" Hurt Locker LLC heads, parts
"The Joy of Lex" Tremolo Productions headstone
"The Kiss" Valley Pride headstones
"The Lair" Babysteps Productions skel,cages,blood
"The Lair season 2" Babysteps Productions
"The last Kiss" Alexander May instrument set, jars,syringe
"The Last Resort" C. Studios corpses, bones, guts, parts, skull
"The Last Tears" Cal State Northridge plaque
"The Memory of Water" Hollywood Fight Club casket
"The Middleman" Production Co. coffin
"The Middleman" Production Co. knee brace
"The monkey of water" Hollywood Fight Club toe-pincher
"The Myth of the Devil" NY Film Academy equiptment
"The Narrows" The Narrows LLC syringes
"The Pillowman" Jon Hassler Theater plate, toes
"The Psychomatium" Occidental instraments
"The Shield" Fox Body Parts
"The Shooter" Jin Yoo-Kim skulls, animal
"The Sleuth Incident" 45 Year Old Productions eyes, teeth, guts, bones
"The Taken" Valentine Entertainment organs, medical
"The Things We Carry" LLC headstones,plaque
"The Undertaker" April Glover medical
"The Unit" CBS Bodies and parts
"The Unit" skeleton, corpse
"The visit" The Waverly School Casket, Ax
"The Western World" Panda Works arms, hands, feet, parts, jars, instruments
"The Wizard of Gore" The Wizard of Gore LLc leeches, jar
"The World According to Barnes" Warner Bros
"The World's Astonishing News" DUC Creative "Communications" fetal animals, sheep eyes, brain,
"The Young and the Restless" CBS Skeletons, bones, masoleum props
"Tim & Ereic Awesome Show" Abso Lutely casket
"Tim and Eric Awesome Show" Abso Lutely Intestines, scalpel
"Time Warner" Celcius Films eye, chart
"Timeship Medusa" Fake Enlightenment casket
"Timmy" Closed Casket Cinema parts, animal, heart
"Trailer Park Love" Michael Deliso headstone
"Triage" Dissection Kit, blood
"Trilby" The munchausen Group Projects smoke machine
"Trinity" Ludovico headstone; body parts
"True Blood" Visible Man Productions Casket
"Truly's Halloween Ball" Good & Yummy skel,bats,rats,bones
"Truth" MJZcorpse, parts, bags
"Turn of the Screw" Rubicon Theater Scenic,art, carpentry
"Twilight" Twilight Productions LLC dummy
"UCLA Halloween Party" Ucla headstones,mummy,skel, casket,body parts
"Unborn Rider Productions" Restraint bed, prison restraints
"Under the Knife" Fifty Tigers Entertainment medical
"Universal Graveyard" -Universal Studios- Tombstones
"Unknown Boy" Eyestorm parts
"untitled" Swordplay Pictures hog puppet
"V Magazine-Ashton Kutcher" Art Partner weapons, jars,syringe
"Vahunts Haunted House at St. Andrews" mummy, skel, body parts
"Vampire Party" JME Inc haunt combo, urns
"Vampire Party" Smg; Inc pinchers,caskets,candelabra,jars,skulls,headstones
"Veronica Mars" Stu Segal Productions Medical equipment, blood fx, body parts, cadavers, skeletons.
"Vice" -Viorica Baln- medical, meat hook, barb wire prop
"Video Installation" dummy
"Video Shoot" Active Magizine casket
"Video Shoot" -Active Magizine- casket
"Vigilante" Suspect Filmworks Mummies
"Vigilante" Suspect Filmworks skel,gore
"Virtual Formaldehyde" Twisted Ambience Inc specimens
"Vise" syringe, weapons
"Void" AFI corpses, body parts, gore
"Wainy Days" Centrifuctc films chart,xrays
"Walking Wounded" Aric Green tombstones
"Warbirds" SCI FI channel bones
"Warehouse" Ordinary World Pictures corpses,body parts, half female
"Wayans Bros. Untitled" Wayans Bros.
"Withr" Bill Dunn parts
"Wizard World" Lakeshore xrays, medical props,
"Woman from Columbus Circle" V Films tombstone
"Women's Murder Club" Vago Productions medical, parts
"Working" Marc Korgie tombstones
"World of Mysteries" Gunny Entertainment mummy heads,bashed skull
"World's Astonishing news!" Duo Creative Comm organs, specimins
"Wrong Game" MGW Productions skeleton, skulls, parts, head
"WWE "the Undertaker" You Were Mean To Me First body parts,ax,torture chair, straight jacket,pump, bones,jar set "X Box" MJZ medical "X-Men:Jean Grey Mythos" Mike Mayhew Studios corpse "Young Frankenstien Musical" Hilton Theatre brain, vintage medical
"Your So Dead" Factory in Motion headstone, parts
"Zero" Mo Green fetus
"Zombie Holocaust and you!" Fyling Debris Productions Ax, head
"Zombie Proejct" Motion Picture Prod blood, parts, corpse

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