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As a working artist BJ Winslow is constantly adding to his collection and his portfolio. Most of the pieces comissioned as custom props for one shoot are available to rent as stock items on the next. Check back often as the collection of props grows by the day.

Recent Additions


July 'O5

New Babes Gallery
New Stock Props for Sale and Rent Gallery
New Cob Webbing System Section
New Movies in the Performance Section
New Medical Models section
New Zoological Specimens Gallery
New Preserved Specimen Section
New Skeletons, Skulls, and Bones Section
New Fresh and Rotten Child Corpse Props
New Fetus Gallery

06/26 Expanded Photography Portfolio
06/23 Straight Jacket Costume Rentals in new Restraints Gallery
06/22 Retractable Syringes Prop for Rent in new Retractable Syringes Gallery
06/20 Monkeys Paw Prop added in Body Parts Gallery
06/18 Baboon Torture Division Photographs added to the Performance Section
06/16 New Videos added to the Performance Page
06/14 Corpse Toes props for rent in Body Parts Gallery
06/10 Severed Head prop for rent in Body Parts Gallery
06/12 Temple of the Necrofurbicon Photos added to Twisted Toys Gallery
06/07 Six Toed Corps Feet for rent in Body Parts Gallery
06/07 Hobo Throne made from an old shopping cart added to Miscellanious Gallery
05/30 Living Room Set added to Productions Gallery

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