Post Mortem Studio Rentals

Whether on set or in his studio, BJ Winslow creates some of the most realistic and gruesome props available.
Email via our Contact page or Call 310-709-8691 to order. More galleries of Props can be seen on our gallery page.

Morgue Tables and Autopsy Instruments

A terrifying array of stainless steel tools for cutting, probing and gouging the dead, plus the tables to do it on.

Mortuary, Embalming, and Funeral

While Morgues are storage coolers for the deceased in hospitals and police station are are used for autopsies and forensic investigation, Mortuaries are where the dead are prepared for the funeral. Here you'll find some of the same instruments as the morgue, as well as all the embalming equipment, and religious and ceremonial objects.

Caskets, Coffins and Casket Stands

Post Mortem has the widest array of caskets and casket stands available for rent. Woods, metals, moderns, and old fashioned.


Your source for lowering devices and podiums.

Crematory and Urns

Ashes to ashes, in a variety of handsome containers.

Morgue and Autopsy Tables

Surprisingly comfortable, with head rests, fluid troughs, and built in sinks.

Medical Equipment

If your down with EKG's, EMG's, X-Rays, IV Poles, and the like, this is the place to go.

Medical Antiques

Bizarre equipment from a part of our medical history best left buried. Perfect for period pieces and torture scenes.

Stainless Steel

Cabinets, tables, equipment, and morgue coolers. Everything you need for an ultra-modern morgue or hospital. Custom Fabrication available

Hospital Gurneys

Beds, gurneys, emergency baskets, and cots. When you need to run down the hospital hall to the emergency room, make sure you stop here first.


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