Whether on set or in his studio, BJ Winslow creates some of the most realistic and gruesome props available.
Email via our Contact page or Call 310-709-8691 to order. More galleries of Props can be seen on our gallery page.

Custom Lifelike Corpses for Rent and Commission

Life cast for exceptional detail. Corpse props are life sized and possable. Stock and custom bodies available for rental. Male corpses, female corpses, autopsy, and mutilation corpses available. More Corpses for Sale or Rent

Custom Rotted Corpses for Rent and Commission

These aged bodies are either all foam and latex or built up from anatomically correct resin skeleton props. Both style props make excellent additions to haunted houses, catacombs, coffins. Custom and Stock bodies available.

Stock and Custom Tombstones for Rent and Commission

Made of carved foam, these prop headstones are lightweight and expertly painted in realistic faux finishes. Available engraved or plain. We have hundreds of stock headstones available to fill your cemetery set. Custom inscribed stones also available. Discounts on group rentals.

Deluxe Prop Headstones

Standard Prop Headstones

Basic Prop Headstones

Custom Body Parts for Rent and Sale

Life cast for exceptional detail. Individual nails available for all prop hands. Body parts collection includes fake hearts, brains, legs, neck stump, bones, and realistic acrylic eyes. Stock and custom body part props available for rentals.

More Stock Body Parts

Hearse Rentals

A working Cadillac Victoria Hearse, it combines features both modern and vintage for a timeless quality. Available for shoots, parties and more. Normally rents by the day. Hourly rentals available for Halloween.

Stage Blood for Sale

As dark or as bright as you like it. We make splatter blood, make-up blood, and dry blood pools that won't ruin your carpets. See the mutilated corpse under lifelike corpses for images of dry blood pools. Realistic and tasty. As seen in Friday the Thirteenth and the LA art scene.

Specimen Jars and Laboratory Glassware for Rent

A variety of real and replica biological specimens are available. Including specimens in jars, animal skeletons, human skeletons, skulls, insect mounts, and more. Pictured here are faux specimens. Stock and custom specimens available. Contact us for info on real specimen

Custom Creatures for Rent and Commission
Straight Jackets and Restraints for Rent

Stock and Custom Skeleton and Skulls for Sale and Rent
Several categories to chose from including:

Prop Skulls and Forensic Replicas
Prop Skeletons
Infant, Child, and Fetal Skeletons
Skull and Skeleton Curiosities
Paleontology Skulls
Prop Bones

Stock Fetuses for Sale and Rent
Stock Animal Skeletons and Skulls for Sale and Rent
Custom Retractable Syringes for Rent
Medical Models and Supplies
Cob Webbing Systems

Halloween Special!

Decorate your Haunted House or Halloween Party in style with BJ Winslow's professional quality Halloween props! Why pay more for props you only use once a year? Save money with rentals and keep your haunted house or Halloween party packing different scares year after year! Ask about Halloween Specials in our other categories as well.


Medical Curiosites and Carnival Gaffs
A cabinet of shrunken heads, feejee mermaids, leech jars and more oddities for rent.

Scientific Curiosities Sale!


Pirate Props

Miscellaneous Props

Haunted House props, masks, and more.

Custom Toys for Rent and Comission


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