Resume of BJ Winslow


•  Plastic fabrication

•  Molding and casting

•  Clay sculpting

•  Foam sculpting

•  Latex casting

•  Plaster molding

• Urethane casting

•  Airbrush

•  Painting

•  Faux finish and texturing

•  Hot wire sculpting

•  Silk screening

•  Photoshop

• Electronics


•  Lathe

•  Vacuum Molding

•  Layout

•  Photography

•  Formica

• Carpentry

Professional Experience

2004 - 2005 Post Mortem Studio Rentals Los Angeles, Ca

Lead Prop Artist, Studio Manager, Web Designer

•  Creating custom props and special effects

•  Molding and casting props

•  Creating high-tech and mechanical props

•  Painting realistic faux finishes on hard and soft props

•  Sculpting in clay and foam

•  Writing, designing, and promoting a professional website.

•  Managing prop house activities, including promotion, customer service, and inventory.

•  Designing, publishing, and distributing catalogs for the prop house

•  Locating and purchasing props and supplies

•  On set death industry, medical, and art department consultation.

•  Set design and decoration


1999 - 2004 Santa Cruz Seaside Company Santa Cruz, Ca

Games Department Technician and Supervisor

•  Designing and constructing carnival games attractions for a world famous theme park

•  Construction and repair of electronic mechanisms, including hydraulics, robotics, light, and sound.

•  Painting, decorating, and displaying attractions

•  Carpentry, cabinetry, and Formica

•  Employee management


1996 - 1997 Bala-Rassmuessen Toy Design Petaluma, Ca

Toy Designer

•  Design and construction of miniatures, mock-ups, replicas, and mechanisms

•  Toy prototyping

• Character and back story creations

•  Mechanism design

•  Electronics design

•  Plastic fabrication

• Molding and casting


•  Black Cadillac Hearse

•  Over 50 Foam Headstones

•  Full corpses

•  Body parts including arms, hearts, heads, and hands

•  Fabrication supplies

• Industry resources for authentic morgue, mortuary, and medical supplies

Partial List of Credits

Stu Segal Productions , The Dark (pilot) and Veronica Mars (television series) – custom foam filled latex props, effects, hard resin props

Robert Zemeckis, Infant Terrible (short film) –Custom foam filled latex prop, effects

CBS , The Dead Will Tell (television movie), Half and Half (television series), and Nightmare on Elm Street: Real Nightmare (television series) – Custom foam filled latex props, Custom Styrofoam props, custom vinyl props, effects

Nickelodeon , Best Friends Date ( television series ) and All That ( television series ) , “Key to the City” Custom Styrofoam prop, arms

Lucasarts, Star Wars (toys)– sculpting, plastic fabrication, electronics

20 th Century Fox , Mad TV (television series) and Anastasia (toys)– Custom painted props, custom Styrofoam props, toy design and mechanisms

Jamie Foxx, Sketch Show (pilot) –custom prop design, painting, and finishing

The Cure , Alt.End (music video) – “Hearts” Custom foam filled latex props

E!tv , Scream Play (Television series) – Custom foam filled latex props, custom Styrofoam props, custom wooden and mechanical props, effects, painting, on-set consultant and art department

Twintalk Entertainment , Death Tunnel (feature film) – Sets, effects, character acting, Custom urethane resin and mechanical props

Hallmark Channel, Mystery Woman (television series) – Custom foam filled latex props


Bruce Schiller - Owner, Post Mortem Studio Rentals (310) 575-5666

Joshua Heller, Art Director , ( 323) 253 5799


1997 - 2004 University of California Santa Cruz, Ca

BA in Journalism

•  Graduated with a cumulative 3.44 GPA

•  Awarded Honors for Senior Thesis


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